• VVIP (6 months cumulative amount 10 million won)
    10% of points, free shipping at all times, 7% immediate discount, basic 1% accumulation, birthday coupon
  • VIP (6 months cumulative amount 5 million won)
    7% of points, free shipping at all times, 5% immediate discount, basic 1% accumulation, birthday coupon
  • GOLD (3 million won accumulated over 6 months)
    4% of points, free shipping at all times, 3% immediate discount, basic 1% accumulation, birthday coupon
  • SILVER (6 months cumulative amount 1.5 million won)
    2% of points, free shipping at all times, 2% immediate discount, basic 1% accumulation, birthday coupon
    4,000 KRW points that can be used immediately upon registration, basic 1% accumulation, free shipping at all times
  • All products except SALE products, always applied
  • Membership benefits do not apply to non-members.
  • Grades are adjusted by selection every 6 months.
  • It will be changed on the 1st of every month based on 6 months.
  • Please note that this membership level will be selected for customers who have purchased over the past 6 months, and will be calculated only for purchases after logging in as a member.
  • Free shipping to all customers
+ Guide to using points
  • MATINKIM's reserves can be used without limits on the minimum payment amount and one-time usage amount.
  • Points paid in lieu of a cash equivalent refund at the customer's request are non-refundable.
  • Non-sales expenses such as return shipping cost, exchange shipping cost, and repair shipping cost cannot be paid as points.
  • Purchase points are not paid for payment using points.
  • The term of use of the points and the conditions for extinction are conditional on 'use within the operating period of the site from the date of payment of the points'.
  • However, if the use of the reserve is permanently impossible due to reasons attributable to the operator, compensation will be made in accordance with Article 5 (Suspension of Service) of the Site Terms of Use.


1. Delivery term
The standard delivery date of MATINKIM takes 2-5 days or more, and customers who are delayed by 5 days or more on weekdays will be notified by individual text message.

2. Shipping cost
All deliveries of Mareup Kim are free of charge regardless of the purchase amount, regardless of the region.

3. Overseas delivery
All of our products can be shipped overseas. You can purchase after accessing the USD version at the top of the site.
When making a purchase, input the necessary information (English name / correct English address / postal code (ZIPCODE) / overseas contact information / E-MAIL) to help smooth delivery.

  • It will be sent through the post office EMS, and payments can only be made through Paypal as overseas cards and foreign currency cannot be paid.
  • Products shipped overseas cannot be exchanged or refunded, so please purchase carefully.
  • The delivery period takes 7-10 days from the date of product shipment, and the delivery period may change depending on the region.

Returns & Exchanges

MATINKIM's exchange and return regulations are governed by the Consumer Protection Guidelines in Electronic Commerce, etc. (According to Article 21 of the 「Consumer Protection Act in Electronic Commerce, etc.
We inform you that it has been prepared in accordance with the detailed and exemplified contents of the relevant laws.

1. Exchanges and returns due to a simple change of mind can be made within 7 days from the date of receipt of the product (if the last day is a weekend, the next weekday will be 7 days).
2. Within 30 days from the date of receipt of goods, if the contents of the goods, etc. are different from the contents of the indication or advertisement or the contents of the contract are different; Exchanges and returns are possible if received within 30 days of noticing the fact.

  • [Return for exchange] is available through the customer center (1877-8170) and 1:1 inquiry on the site.
  • In the case of [receipt of exchange return directly] as the purchase history, the return courier must also be received directly.
    It can be received through the original invoice number at Rosen Courier (1588-9988). If you use other courier or visit a courier company, please send it after paying the one-way fee in advance.
  • If a returned product that has not been received in advance arrives, it will be returned at random.
  • If the return of the product is abnormally delayed after receiving the exchange/return, processing may not be possible.
  • For the cost of exchange/return, a round-trip shipping fee is charged according to the product free shipping benefit (general area 4,600 won, Jeju island and special area 9,600 won)
  • Defects found after wearing the product can only be exchanged/returned if it is determined that the product itself is defective through deliberation through an authorized agency.
  • If there is a mixture of miscellaneous yarns/wrinkles/fabric characteristics/measurement error within the specified error range/related problems are not defective, so they will be processed as simple exchanges/returns.
  • Exchanges/returns are not possible if there are signs of wearing the product or smell (sweat, perfume, air freshener).
  • A/S can be requested within 1 year from the date of purchase, and in some cases, it may be paid/free/impossible. In the case of paid repairs, the actual cost incurred will be charged.
    • Repair products must be sent to the 'headquarters' after pre-receiving through the customer center (1877-8170) and 1:1 inquiry.
      You can receive 'return courier' through the original invoice number at Rosen Courier (1588-9988).
      If the return courier cannot be accepted after a period of time has elapsed, ‘Cost on Delivery Delivery’ can be accepted (other couriers are not available)
    • Information on A/S cost and repair availability for each product can be found through the [Notices] bulletin board at the bottom of the site [A/S Procedure Guide by Product].
  • Exchange/return fee deposit account : IBK 033-505930-01-045 Maute Kim Co., Ltd.
    • Exchange/return costs cannot be enclosed, and MATINKIM is not responsible for accidents that occur after packaging.
    • Refunds after deducting the payment amount must be written on the exchange/return paper (deductible refund is not possible in case of mobile phone payment or exchange).
  • return destination
    • 94, Daewol-ro 932beon-gil, Daewol-myeon, Icheon-si, Gyeonggi-do (Daewol-myeon) Rosen Delivery Agency, M&C
    • No need to modify the return address when receiving returns through original invoice.

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